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 Fostering jobs and new business in Turkey
Ali Gulbakar’s family-owned clothes shop went            bankrupt after the 1991 Gulf War.
After that, Gulbakar worked at a number of textile factories that went broke too.Now, he is at it again: selecting designs, handling cloth and exporting his brand of ready-to-wear fashion.

Gulbakar’s professional rebound mostly reflects hard work and perseverance. It is also a credit to a program launched in Tarsus and four other places in Turkey to provide targeted assistance to small new businesses. More...

 Pocket money for school - and a way out of poverty
In an effort to tackle poverty and improve living standards for the next generation, the Turkish government has helped tens of thousands of mothers cover essential child-rearing expenses under the Social Risk Mitigation Project, financed by a World Bank loan. As of October 2005, this assistance had reached 1.9 million (roughly nine out of 10) of the poorest children in Turkey.More...
Bringing shelter and security to
earthquake survivors in Turkey
"I can sleep peacefully now," said Naci Altay, a 53-year-old survivor of Turkey's devastating 1999 earthquake. The earthquake in Adapazari, in Turkey's Marmara region, killed many of Naci 's friends and relatives, and took away his source of livelihood.

Now, after two years spent in tent cities and prefabricated huts enduring hot summers and cold winters, Naci finally feels secure. 
 Improving farmers' lives in impoverished
eastern Turkey
As far back as he can remember, Ibrahim Ozturk knew that when rain clouds gathered around the summit of Mastar Mountain, tense, sleepless nights lay ahead. But times have changed. "Now when I hear the first raindrops, I lean back and smile, knowing that they bring prosperity to my farm, not sorrow.”  More... 


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