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Turkey: World Bank Civil Society Fund Program 2011 Grants: Civic Engagement for the Empowerment of Youth

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Announcement of Award of Grants, May 25, 2011

The Turkey Country Office of the World Bank is pleased to announce the results of the 2011 competition for grants under the World Bank’s Civil Society Fund Program.  The theme of the 2011 grant competition was “Civic Engagement for the Empowerment of Youth.” On May 25, 2011, the Independent Evaluation Committee for the grant competition met and decided to awarded grants in the total amount of US$ 45,000.

The World Bank launched the 2011 grant competition by inviting applications from Non-Governmental Organizations that participate in the Local Agenda 21 Network of UNDP, from NGOs in the database of the World Bank, and from any interested party through a public announcement posted on the country office website of the Bank on March 23, 2011.  Eligible NGOs had to have legal status, at least three years of experience in work on social issues, and a bank account.  Priority was given to organizations that had not been supported by the Civil Society Fund Program in the past.

Under the broad topic of “Civic Engagement for the Empowerment of Youth”, proposed project activities could focus on: (i) empowering youth groups to have greater ownership of development processes, making them more inclusive and equitable; (ii) promoting dialogue and disseminating information among youth at the local level; or (iii) raising public awareness on issues related to the empowerment of youth.

Grant proposals had to specify the objectives and proposed activities to be funded, the expected results, the way in which the results will be measured, the organizational arrangements and staffing to carry out the activities, the budget and any plans for obtaining other funding needed to carry out the activity, including any amounts requested from other sources. (The Civil Society Fund Program rarely funds more than half of the proposed budget for an activity).  Additional information to be included in the submission of grant proposals included administrative documents such as the organization chart; income and expense statements, registration status, and funding from other sources, if any.  Project activities are to be completed within one year from the date when the grant is awarded.

Eligible NGOs submitted 59 Project Proposals. The Evaluation Committee met on Wednesday, May 25, 2011. The Committee included representatives from the World Bank, TEPAV, UNICEF, and UNDP. The Evaluation Committee reviewed project proposals according to the following criteria:

  • Civil Society Institution’s and the Project Manager’s previous experience
  • Detailed Activity Report
  • Methodology and Work Plan
  • Technical Viability for accomplishing the objectives


Organization: Türkiye Çocuklara Yeniden Özgürlük Vakfı/Youth Re-autonomy Foundation of Turkey (Istanbul)
Project: Increasing the number of professionals working with youth/Adli Alanda Çocuk ve Gençlerle Çalışan Profesyonellerın Artıırlması Projesi
Amount: $5,000

Organization: Artı Sosyal Sorumluluk Derneği/Artı Social Responsibility Association (Batman)
Project: Enhancing Participation of CSOs in Decision Making Process/ STÖ’lerin Karar Verme Süreçlerine Katılımlarını Arttırma Projesi
Amount: $5,000

Organization: Mahalle Afet Gönüllüleri Vakfı/ Neighborhood Disaster Relief Volunteers Foundation (Istanbul)
Project: Young Disaster Relief Volunteers/Genç Mahalle Afet Gönüllüleri Projesi
Amount: $5,000

Organization: Kadın Yönetici ve Kadın Çalışanlar Dayanışma Derneği/ Women Managers and Employees Solidarity Association (Ankara)
Project: Training Seminar for Young Women/Genç Kadınlara Yönelik Eğitim Seminerleri
Amount: $5,000

Organization: İzmir Engelsiz Sanat Derneği/Izmir Art Association (Izmir)
Project: Theatre Workshops for Youth/Gençliğin Güçlendirilmesi İçin Tiyatro Tabanlı Eğitim
Amount: $5,000

Organization: Ankara Girişimci İş Kadınları Destekleme Derneği/Ankara Business Women Entrepreneurs and Enhancement (Ankara)
Project: Youth Development and Initiative Camp/  Genç Gelişim ve Girişim Kampı
Amount: $5,000

Organization: Sualtı Araştırmaları Derneği/Underwater Research Association (Ankara)
Project: A History: Kaş/ Kaş Tarihtir
Amount: $5,000

Organization: Sosyal Girişimci Genç Liderler Akademisi Derneği (SOGLA)/ The Academy of Social Entrepreneur Young Leaders Social (Istanbul)
Project:  Social Entrepreneur Training for Youth in Rural Areas/Yerelde Fark Yaratacak Sosyal Girişimcilik Akademi Programı
Amount: $5,000

Organization: İşitme Engelli Çocukları olan Aileler Spor ve Kültür Klubü/  Families with Hearing Impaired Children Support and Solidarity Club (Eskişehir)
Project:  Body Percussion Workshop for Hearing Impaired Young People/Beden Perküsyonu Atölye Çalışmaları
Amount: $5,000

Reserve Projects:

Organization: AB Politikaları Enstitüsü Derneği/Association for Institute of EU Policies (Yalova)
Project:  Yalova City Youth Initiative/Şehrin için Genç İnisiyatifi
Amount: $3,000

Organization:  Siyah Pembe Üçgen İzmir Derneği/ Izmir Black Pink Triangle Association (Izmir)
Project:  Youth and Civil Constitution/Gençlik ve Sivil Anayasa
Amount: $5,000

Organization: Genç Liderler ve Girişimciler Derneği Avrasya Şubesi/ Junior Chamber  International (JCI) (Istanbul)
Project:  Street Fest/Sokak Fest
Amount: $5,000

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