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Improving the Quality and Equity of Basic Education in Turkey: Challenges and Options (2011)

Providing education for all has been a core objective of many governments since the launch of the Millennium Development Goals a decade ago. Improving educational attainment alone is not enough, however. | Read More 

Opportunities for Men and Women: Emerging Europe and Central Asia (2011)

The countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia have a long history of striving for gender equality, especially in the public sphere. | Read More 

Railway Reform in South East Europe and Turkey: On the Right Track? (2011)

The railways of South East Europe and Turkey experienced significant declines in traffic volumes in 2009. This reflected the impact of the international financial crisis unleashed in the last quarter of 2008 and its contractionary impact on the economies of the region and elsewhere. | Read More 

Skills, Not Just Diplomas: Managing Education for Results in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (2011)

This book seeks to answer the following questions: Why do the Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (ECA) firms increasingly complain that they cannot find graduates with the right skills? What can ECA countries do to close the skills gap? | Read More 

Igniting Innovation: Rethinking the Role of Government in Emerging Europe and Central Asia (2011)

The book analyzes four aspects of the innovation system: international collaboration, research and development institutions, government financial support instruments, and the investment climate. | Read More 

The Jobs Crisis. Household and Government Responses to the Great Recession in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (2011)

The effects of the 2009 global financial crisis were more acutely felt in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region than in any other region in the world. In a short period of time, property values plummeted, the value of retirement accounts shrank, household savings evaporated, and general consumer and producer confidence disappeared. | Read More

Tapping the Potential for Energy Savings in Turkey (2011)

Increasing energy efficiency (EE) is a priority for Turkey. It will help Turkey achieve energy supply security, sustain growth, protect the environment, and mitigate climate change. Improving EE is also important in the process of Turkey‘s accession to full European Union (EU) membership and its participation in the development of the next iteration of the Kyoto Protocol. | Report 

Risky Business? HIV Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior among At-Risk Mobile Workers in Turkey (2010)

Turkey remains a very low HIV prevalence country, but the number of HIV/AIDS cases has been increasing in recent years. | Read More

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